Thursday, March 22, 2012
Surfing on the internet is one of the fun activities. Internet is a good place to learn, communicate and search for our needs. One of the activities normally carried on the internet is to download, either in the form of files, images, photos, videos, and softwares. In order to support downloading, we need software which called download manager.
A download manager, that circulate on the internet, is Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). DAP is developed by SpeedBit. Currently already have 9 version (DAP 9.7) and currently being developed DAP 10 but are still in Beta Version. SpeedBit provides two categories: Freeware (not pay) and Premium.

According to its developers, SpeedBit, DAP 9.7 have features the following:

1. Download Speed
Download files as fast as possible:

  • Proven - Advanced patented technology
  • Trusted - Over 265 million installs (users)
  • Recognized - World Economic Forum 2008 Technology Pioneer

2. Automatic Mirroring Speed Boost

  • Search for the fastest download sources
  • Switch to faster mirror sites while downloading 

3. Download Security
Download safer as you see what the leading security programs say about your files

    4. Pause & Resume
    Continue broken or paused downloads
     5. Video Preview
    Watch previews of videos as they download
    6.  Trace Cleaner
    Remove download traces from your computer
    7.  File Shredder
    Completely shred and destroy files
    8.  ZIP Preview
    Preview and extract  Zip files as they download
    9.  Private Downloads
    Lock, hide, and protect your downloads
    10.  SPEEDbit Video Downloader and Converter
    Download YouTube / web videos to your computer
    11. SPEEDbit Video Accelerator
    Expansion to watch YouTube & HD videos without pauses and buffering
    My experience using the DAP is very satisfactory, although using the freeware version. High download speeds can reach even 4 x normal speed. The Difference  between premium and freeware version is  freeware version does not have the following features: Trace Cleaner, File Shredder, Zip Preview and Private Downloads. If you want to get it please download DAP 9.7 is Freeware in here.
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