Thursday, March 22, 2012
Create documents for most people is a tedious job. Especially if we have to create documents in various formats but is derived from the same file. Fortunately, now, supplied software that has the ability to change one format to other format. Even today there are freeware document converter softwares,

One is "Doxillion Document Converter Software". Doxillion Document Converter Software is a multi format document file converter that is very easy to use and is completely free,Convert text documents within minutes of downloading, Quick and easy one-click document convert process and Batch file converter to convert thousands of files.

According doxillion 's developer, Doxillion have features following:

Supported Document File Formats

  • Convert from: docx, doc, pdf, odt, wpd, rtf, txt, html or xml
  • Convert to: docx, doc, odt, rtf, html, txt and pdf

Document Converter Features

  • Convert between many different text document formats
  • Supports Word converting doc and docx
  • Convert source code to html
  • Batch convert thousands of files at once
  • Use your right click menu to convert documents from outside the program
  • Drag and drop documents to be converted into Doxillion document converter software
  • Integrate with Express Burn Disc Burning Software to create data CD or DVD backups of documents 
If you interested to use it, you can download in  "Doxillion Document Converter Software"
I Hope its usefull.


AZLA said...

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Thank you for your kind words

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